About Us


What We Provide

     We provide you, the customer, with a very affordable, easy to use, online CNA course that the internet has never seen before.  Our Florida CNA prep course is one of the first and only courses offered completely online.  Within our course we have talented and educated instructors who are there to answer any questions you may have about the material. We don't fool around like other courses, we get straight to the point to get you on the fast track to your Florida certified nurses assistant certification.

How we got started

     It all began with someone like you, a person looking to obtain their CNA license, but didn't want to break the bank or take long classes to get their certification. This person ended up taking a local CNA course. He paid around $400 for the course and found out all it had to offer him was a pamphlet and some instructions. This made him think, "why not make a CNA class that is affordable, simple, and online where people can access it 24/7 with ease". Thus, FloridaCNAonline.com was created. Now, everyday people all across Florida save themselves time and money thanks to FloridaCNAonline.com.