State of CNA testing in Florida in 2021

Current state of CNA testing in Florida in 2021

2020 presented a set of unprecendented challenges for all members of the medical profession, and CNAs have been no exception. CNAs have been needed more than ever this year, and even with many industries laying off workers or reducing hours, CNA employers have continued to hire more and more and currently have more job openings than they have qualified candidates to fill those roles. As the pandemic is still among us, many of the testing restrictions and additional measures implemented in 2020 are still in effect today.

Testing stopped for months during the beginning of the pandemic

Starting in March, all CNA testing carried out by Prometric stopped completely for several months, and did not resume until June 21 2020. This caused a massive backlog of students which heavily strained the scheduling resources after operations resumed.

Expect long delays for test scheduling

As of early 2021, the current wait time for students between the time they register for the Prometric state exam and when they actually hear back from Prometric regarding their test date is about 2 full months. This is more than twice the amount of time the process takes normally, and there are no signs that the timeline will improve in the short term. The best advice we can give to students is to be patient, and we also suggest that once you submit your application, you call the Prometric support line periodically to check up on your application. You can contact Prometric at (888)277-3500; be sure to have your Applicant ID in hand when you call them.

We have extended our standard course access in order to better serve our students

To accommodate the extended timelines from start of course to test taking, we have extended our standard course access from 30 days to 90 days for exactly the same price. This allows our students to continue to have access to the course in preparation for their state exam up until the point they complete the exam.

COVID-19 protection measures were implemented to protect test takers

All test takers are required to bring a mask and wear it at all times during their test day. The mask cannot contain an exhalation valve. In addition to this, some test sites may have their own requirements which must also be followed on test day. Some of these requirements may include things like checking for temperature at the site entrance, sign in logs, etc.

Not all testing centers are fully operational

A large part of the reason students are seeing long delays with their test scheduling is because many test centers are not back to pre-Covid opening hours. Unfortunately, there is no up to date list anywhere on current testing center status; our recommendation is that you call your preferred testing center BEFORE submitting your application for the Prometric state exam so you can verify that they are fully operational and avoid additional delays.