Medical Supplies

CNA Medical Supplies

Recommended supplies for practice purposes. These ARE NOT required. Note that if you are having trouble viewing the contents of this page, you may have an ad blocker installed. We provide Amazon links for your convenience, but you are free to purchase the supplies at your local medical supplies store.

Priority 1 Supplies

These are the supplies you will be using the most throughout the course. We recommend you have most of these or at least find some suitable replacements in order to be able to practice adequately.

Gloves - Taking gloves on and off properly is an essential part of a CNA's job, so make sure you have plenty on hand.

Gait Belt -A few skills will require you to place a gait belt on a resident to transfer them to and from a wheelchair. If you've never used a gait belt, it can be a bit tricky to put on and this is an area where students can make mistakes.

Toothette & Denture Brush - This is used for cleaning the gums of a resident that uses dentures. Most students are not familiar with toothettes or denture brushes, and so we recommend they buy a set to practice.

Priority 2 Supplies

These supplies are "nice-to-haves", but most can also be simulated with household items for practice purposes.

Emesis Basin - Many skills will make use of this basin. It has somewhat unique dimension, so we recommend students buy a set, but you can also simulate it with any small plastic container.

Chuck Pads - Many CNA skills involve taking out dirty chck pads, replacing with new ones, and using the proper technique when doing so. You don't really need to buy chuck pads for practice purposes, as you can use a towel to simulate a chuck pad. Do keep in mind that the dimensions of the towel may be different than the standard chuck pad dimensions.

Bedpan - There is one skill that will require you to assist a resident with a bedpan. You may buy a bedpan if you want to be extra accurate with your practice, but it's not essential for your practice.

Emery Nail File & Orange Wood Stick - Needed for nail care skill. It is possible you may have these in your house already.

Review Book - You do not need this with our course, but some students prefer to practice on paper rather than on the computer.

Priority 3 Supplies

These supplies are not needed for your CNA exam, but you may find them useful for your job. We always recommend students buy a pair of scrubs, as even though these are not strictly required for test day, most employers will require you to wear scrubs for your job.