How long is the course?

Our course is completed at your own personal pace. This means, there are NO time limits within the course other than you have 30 days complete it. On average, most people will complete the course within a week. If you are very studious, you could complete the course within a day. 

Our students report it takes them about 10 hours to complete the course including taking the practice test.

How much is the course?

The cost for the course is $49.99 for 30 days of access to all materials.

Where will I take my test?

Your course completion test will be completed online and results emailed out. After completing our course you will then test out with the State at a regional test site for your license.

To see current test sites please visit: 

Is this course legitimate?

Yes, we have been in operation since 2009 and have provided education to thousands of individuals. We want to reassure interested persons we are the ORIGINAL Florida CNA online course and not a scam.

We have maintained our price for over 10 years, and do not upsell after you sign up. Our goal is solely to help you become a CNA.

What material is covered in the course?

Our course covers everything that will be on the state exam. Primarily we focus on the specific skills that you need to become proficient in for your role. Below is a breakdown of the course modules for you to get  a sense of what material is covered in the course:

  • What's on the test
  • Code of Conduct and Legal Issues
  • Infection Control
  • Quiz #1
  • Fire Safety
  • Laying Positions
  • Emergency Situations
  • Skill 1 - Indirect Care
  • Skill 2 - Hand Washing
  • Skill 3 - Mouth Care (Brushing Teeth)
  • Skill 4 - Hand and Nail Care
  • Skill 5 - Mouth Care (Denture)
  • Skill 6 - Feeding a Resident
  • Skill 7 - Taking a Pulse
  • Skill 8 - Measuring Respirations
  • Skill 9 - Changing an Occupied Bed
  • Skill 10 - One Sided Weakness
  • Skill 11 - Female Catheter Care
  • Skill 12 - Bedpan Assistant
  • Skill 13 - Emptying Urinary Bag
  • Skill 14 - Female Perineal Care
  • Skill 15 - Range of Motion (Lower)
  • Skill 16 - Range of Motion (Elbow/Wrist)
  • Skill 17 - Range of Motion (Shoulder)
  • Skill 18 - Bed Bath
  • Skill 19 - Change of Position
  • Skill 20 - Wheelchair Transfer
  • Skill 21 - Foot Care
  • Skill 22 - Ambulation
  • Reading Weight
  • Measuring Blood Pressure
  • How to Take Off your Gloves
  • Course Certification
  • How to register for the state exam
How are you able to offer this course online?

The state of Florida has several options available for taking your CNA license test, and one of those options is what is called the "E3 Challenger" option. This option allows students who have not taken part in a classroom course to take the test and receive their license if they pass. Our course is oriented towards helping you pass the test as an "E3 Challenger". 

While our course is fully online, you will need to go to a physical testing location in the state to take your license test. There are two components to the test, a written portion and a clinical portion. We provide videos to help you prepare for the clinical portion within the course.

Is financial aid available?

We have established a partnership with a personal loans marketplacewhere you can obtain a personal loan to help pay for the cost of your training and test. We recommend that if you choose to go this route, you obtain a loan for at least $500 to also cover the cost of the state test, which is $155, and to purchase some medical supplies.

It is also worth noting that when you are hired as CNA, in many cases your employer will reimburse you for the cost of the course.

How can I contact someone within your company?
Please visit our contact us page to get in contact with a customer service representative. You can also send us an email to We usually reply in less than an hour to most queries and are happy to answer any questions. Feel free to ask for a callback if you'd like to speak to a member of our team before making a decision on whether to sign up for the course.
Are any medical supplies required for the course?
No, we do not require any medical supplies to be purchased for the course. However, we do HIGHLY recommend you consider purchasing medical supplies so that you can practice and learn the clinical skills with ease. Remember, when it comes to learning, practice makes perfect.
Can I mail in a payment?

No, at this time we only accept payment via our online payment system.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, $49.99 is all you pay for 30 days of access to the course. We do offer 1 year access for an additional $20 if you so desire. We also recommend that you budget some funds for the purchase of medical supplies, but these are not required.

Am I going to receive anything by mail or is the course completely online?

Our course is completely online. All the materials you need will be accessed via our website.

Does the Course Certificate cost extra?
No, the course certification is included in your original course fee.
How does your money back guarantee work?
We offer a very simple money back guarantee - if you complete our course, pass our practice test and obtain our course certificate, then we believe you should pass the State CNA Exam. Should you fail the state test within 30 days of obtaining your course certificate, simply send us an email to with proof your state test results and we will refund you your $49.99 - no questions asked.

The refund does not apply if you take the state test more than 30 days after obtaining your course certificate.