How long is the course?

Our course is completed at your own personal pace. This means, there are NO time limits within the course other than you have 30 days complete it. However, on average, most people will complete the course within a week. If you are very studious within the course you could essentially complete it within a day.

How much is the course?

The cost for the course is $49.99, unless otherwise noted.

Where will I take my test?

Your course completion test will be completed online and results emailed out. After completing our course you will then test out with the State at a regional test site for your license.

To see current test sites please visit:

Is this course legitimate?

Yes, we have been in operation since 2009 and have provided education to thousands of individuals. We want to reassure interested persons we are the ORIGINAL Florida CNA online course and not a scam. It is not uncommon for our competition to write malice and false reviews/reports online about our business.

Is financial aid available?

Unfortunately, at this time financial aid is not available for our course. However, when hired as a CNA you will typically be offered a reimbursement for the course by your employer.

How can I contact someone within your company?

Please visit our contact us page to get in contact with a customer service representative.

Are any medical supplies required for the course?

No, we do not require any medical supplies to be purchased for the course. However, we do HIGHLY recommend you consider purchasing medical supplies so that you can practice and learn the clinical skills with ease. Remember, when it comes to learning, practice makes perfect.

Am I going to receive anything by mail or is the course completely online?

Our course is completely online. All the materials you need will be accessed via our website.

Why do you use Paypal for payments?

We use Paypal because it is the safest and most secure form of online payment available.PayPal developed the world's most advanced proprietary fraud-prevention system to ensure the security of any personal information in our payment network. We will never share your personal account information with anyone.

Can I mail in a payment?

No, at this time we only accept payment via Paypal.

Is there any hidden fee's?

No, $49.99(unless otherwise noted) is all you pay for the course.

Does the Course Certificate Cost extra?

No, the course certification is included in your original course fee.