Are Online CNA Classes Legitimate?

Are Online CNA Classes Legitimate?

One of the most common questions prospective students ask themselves when evaluating the different options for CNA classes and courses is whether the fully online courses such as Florida CNA Online are legitimate or not. In short, they are very much a legitimate option that thousands of students have used for over 10 years to obtain their CNA license, Having said that, you should be aware of the pros and cons of online CNA classes so you can make an informed decision and select which option is right for you.

Why are online CNA classes so much less expensive than in person classes?

Online CNA classes in Florida are, as a general rule, thousands of dollars less expensive than traditional in person classes. The reason for this is because online CNA classes are not accredited by the Florida Board of Nursing. This statement scares many students away, but it is important to understand that you as a student DO NOT need to take an accredited course in order to obtain your CNA license. The state of Florida allows you to take the CNA exam as a “challenger”, which means that if you pass the state exam, the Board of Nursing will grant you a CNA license, regardless of your previous training. This allows you to take an unaccredited course such as an online CNA course, take the test as a challenger, and become licensed for a much lower cost than the traditional route. It’s what we have been helping students do for over a decade!

Is Florida CNA Online Legit?

Yes! We are the longest running online CNA course by far, and have been continuously operating since 2008. During that time, we have continued to make updates to our course to keep it relevant and provide the best tools for our students to obtain their CNA license, all while maintaining the lowest prices since we realize many students are in a difficult financial situation. As a matter of fact, you can check out an interview with a recent student where she talks about her experience and how she was able to get a CNA license in a couple of months with our course. The video is in Spanish, but you can activate English captions on it.

Is there an intermediate option between accredited in person courses and online courses?

Yes, if you are not interested in a full-blown accredited in-person course, but would like to have some of the in person elements to practice the clinical skills, you can check out “intensive” CNA courses in your area. These courses are very similar to the online CNA courses in that they cover the material that will be on the test, usually in the span of a weekend, and then you will take the state exam as a challenger. These intensive courses will be slightly more expensive than online CNA courses, but still much cheaper than fully accredited courses.

Will my CNA license be different if I take an online course?

No! Once you have a CNA license, your license won’t have any restrictions or be any different from somebody who got theirs through a traditional accredited course.

Can I take the CNA state exam without taking any classes?

Yes, you can take the CNA state exam directly as a challenger without taking any classes. We don’t recommend this path unless you are very familiar with the material, because if you fail to pass the state exam, you will likely have to wait another two months to retake the exam and try again.

How do I fulfill my clinical hours with an online CNA course?

If you take the state CNA exam as a challenger, then there are no clinical hours requirements or certifications you will need in order to obtain your CNA license.