Can I become a CNA if I work as an informal caregiver?

If I've worked as an informal caregiver, can I become a CNA?

Many CNAs at some point or another worked as an informal caregiver prior to becoming certified in their profession. This doesn't necessarily need to be paid work, as sometimes future CNAs accumulate years of experience just by taking care of a loved one in need, for example.

What is the difference between caregivers and CNAs?

The main difference between a caregiver and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is that a CNA is certified by the Board of Nursing as being competent in several medical aspects. CNAs can work in hospitals, as well as in nursing homes and directly caring for individuals in their homes. Caregiving, in contrast is typically associated with helping individuals with aspects such as preparing meals, or helping them with their clothing.

Are there any bad habits that I need to be aware of as I train to become a CNA?

This will vary by person, but if you've never received any formal training or have been under the tutelage of a CNA, chances are high that you've developed some bad habits over the years. The most common thing we see are poor infection control precautions. Remember that as a CNA, you will be evaluated for Indirect Care and Infection Control throughout the entirety of your clinical skills exam, so it is imperative that you maintain a high awareness of hygiene. This includes things like never touching a patient with gloves that may be contaminated, washing hands frequently, and similar items.

How can I get a CNA license if I'm already working as a caregiver?

If you're currently working as a caregiver in the state of Florida, then you're probably working as a CNA, and in that case you should read our article on how to go from HHA to CNA. If you're working as an informal caregiver, then the process for you will be the same as for any new student, with the only difference being that you may have an easier time going through the material and you may be more comfortable during the clinical skills portion of the exam.

Becoming a CNA with an online course

Whatever your situation may be, we highly recommend that you consider a set of online CNA classes such as ours to get started on your journey. We can guide you through the process of obtaining your license, so that you can open up an universe of job opportunities and better compensation for the work you are already doing.