" I got my Florida CNA license my first try on the state test.  I studied for a week on floridacnaonline.com!!! Learned all the information,  and applied to take the test. Two weeks later I'm ready to work at Mercy Hospital."

- Anthony from Miami


"A great course at a great price. It only took me a week and I was done."


-Emily from Ocala


"Thanks soooo much florida cna. I have just passed my exam. You guys help me greatly with answering all of my questions and the forum was awesome as well. I am going to tell all of my friends about you!!!!"

-Sharee from Tallahassee


"After looking around I found that other courses where going to be around $250+ easily. I didn't have a job at the time and there was no way I was going to afford that. I found this site and  decided to give it a shot. Now I'm a licensed CNA. I let my friend who is also a CNA (He works with me) take a look at the course and he said that compared to the one he took this was so simple. Thanks FloridaCNAonline.com and the instructors who helped me."

-Mike from Cape Coral


"Simple Simple Simple TWO thumbs up. Amazing course, got me in and out and really cheap what could be better."

-Mathew from Tallahassee


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