CNA Classes in Texas

CNA Classes in Texas

Is it your dream to assist people with physical limitations? From helping them dress every morning and evening to providing meals and heartwarming communication, you want to make their lives more enjoyable. In that case, CNA classes in Texas will mold you into the compassionate and skilled certified nursing aide you wish to become.

What Is a CNA?

Certified nursing assistants usually work under a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse in nursing facilities, home healthcare agencies, or a physician’s office. A CNA’s job allows them to spend more time with the patients than an RN since a CNA is responsible for an abundance of duties, including assisting with:

● Brushing and bathing

● Clothing and grooming

● Serving meals and feedings

● Healthcare routines like checking heart rate and blood pressure

The CNA also ensures each patient has a positive experience with little to no stress, strain, and worry. Most importantly, in many cases, the CNA plays an integral part as a trusted companion who looks out for the general wellbeing of their patients.

How to Become a CNA in Texas

If this sounds like you, then you are in luck! Becoming a CNA has never been easier now that you can get certified with online CNA classes in Texas.

Prepare Your Credentials

Before entering into a NATCEP (nursing aide training competency evaluation program), make sure you have proof of CPR training and drug screenings as well as no criminal record. With these in order, you don’t need a GED or high school diploma to get your foot in the door.

We then insist on looking for a state-approved CNA program like Florida CNA Online, which will bring you to your goal of passing the competency exam.

CNA Classes

Regardless of what program you join for CNA classes in Texas, you must take 60 hours of classroom training prior to patient care training. Classroom training includes 16 hours of introductory training where the aspiring CNA learns basic health and human services that they will implement daily in their position. That includes how to:

● Verbally communicate in a positive and respectful tone when talking to patients

● Control existing infections and prevent further infections from forming

● Implement emergency and safety strategies when prompted

CNA training programs conclude with 40 hours of indirect patient care where the studying CNA will perform tactile training to prepare them for real hands-on patient assistance. Overall, it can take two to three months to complete the classes and clinical training necessary to move on to the next step. To find a CNA program in your area, we encourage you to use our tool below:

Online CNA Classes in Texas

If you're looking for a CNA online course like the one we offer for Florida students, then unfortunately you won't be able to find an exact equivalent in Texas. This is because Florida is the only state that allows students to take the state exam as a "challenger" and not be subject to the traditional curriculum requirements of in service training and minimum hours. That being said, the landscape is constantly changing and now more than ever there are a variety of hybrid programs that conduct most of their instruction online and supplement with some in person workshops for you to practice your clinical skills. The best recommendation we can provide is to use the tool above to contact various schools in your area and see whether any of their CNA online classes are a good fit for your needs.

Transfering a Florida CNA license to Texas

As an alternative to obtaining your CNA license in Texas directly, it is also possible to obtain your CNA license in Florida and then transfer your license to Texas via a reciprocity application. We only recommend this option for students who live in Florida and are thinking of moving to Texas or students who split time between both states; otherwise it is usually a quicker and cleaner option to do the whole process in Texas. This is because to actually take the state exam in Florida you will need a Florida address, and should anything happen on test day that you need to reschedule, this will be very complicated if you are planning to travel from Texas for your exam. Having said that, once you do obtain your Florida CNA license, you can fill out Form 5505-NAR and submit it to the Texas Health and Human Services Department to request entry into the Texas Nurse Aide Registry through reciprocity.

Competency Exam

After completing the CNA classes and indirect training, either you or your training program will schedule a competency exam with Prometric. Once you pay for the exam, you have up to 24 months to pass the oral and written parts of the test. If you fail the exam three times within that time, you’ll have to retake the training to take the exam again.

Renewing Your Certification

When you pass the oral and written parts of your examination, you can begin working as a CNA at a nursing facility of your choice. However, to keep your certification valid, you must complete 24 hours of practical education every two years. Renewal guarantees that you can continue doing what you love for a longer period. You can view a list of approved in-service education programs by the Texas NAR here.

CNA Training in Texas

When you decide on CNA classes in Texas, you can choose from numerous different CNA training programs. From community colleges to online programs in Texas, it’s best to scope out your options to ensure you’re receiving a quality education.